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Doc Kane Consulting

Howdy, I’m Doc. I…

Write. Research. Translate.
…sometimes for others.


After 30 years writing and conducting research for every imaginable client possible (Abbott Labs, Roche, RevenueWell Aon, The History Channel) and every imaginable type of content possible (screenwriting, websites, email copywriting, medical writing, etc.), I’ve largely hung up my freelance hat, and write mostly for myself these days.

Aside from writing books, drafting a monthly jobs column for GaijinPot, and conducting archival research for the film industry, I occasionally consult and stay busy as co-founder of Maplopo, translating Japanese literature into English, and (re)introducing a diverse range of  Japanese writers to the world. This year I started a film production company, Marianne Productions where I’m producing the film, From Chicago to Osaka—a co-production with the lovely Shinya Himeda at Gemini Films in Tokyo.

Sometimes I teach what I’ve learned through a lifetime of this sort of work, and other times I consult with others in need of an editor or writer to help them tell a good story. I say “no” a lot. Still, if you have an interesting story you want told in English or Japanese, please drop a line at I’ve always got an open ear and an open mind.

Be good, do good.

Doc Kane